Ridiculous art for surviving the apocalypse.

I really hate writing these, but you have no way of knowing who the hell I am otherwise, so I hope we get through it together. I was born in December of 1979 and my entire life has really captured that “squeaked in at the last possible moment” energy. Did I plan this? Am I writing this live into the site? Probably.
I paid my dues. I worked two jobs, went to school, did the responsible stuff, and never made time for art. At 40, I probably should be well into earning my nest egg, but that wasn’t working for me anymore. This is what I have always known I was meant to do, so if I have to make money to survive, at least it’s going to be on my terms.
On that note, if you have something cool you’d like to pay me for, let me know. The world is an unfair, unforgiving, uncaring place, but I’m trying to bring it some joy, one piece at a time. It’s the most radical thing I can think of.

Rhys’ Book Jacket Selfie

What People Say About Meatyard:

“Not only did Meatyard create an exciting work of art for my album cover, but they were flexible and accommodating as aspects of the project changed on my end. As someone without a lot of experience working with design, I appreciated their professionalism and willingness to explain things that I didn’t understand/wasn’t aware of.”

– Daniel Howe

“Meatyard? In THIS economy?! It’s more likely and better than you think.”

– Sean Condom

“I came to the Meatyard with barely a sketch of a vision. After a few conversations he iterated from neon-punk to the classic angel we settled on. After completing the work he was meticulous in follow up to make sure I had everything I needed. Meatyard went above and beyond with this project and I will be back to the yard for more.”

– Rob Froese