Album art and cassette insert layout for Ray Gun Solace – Reagan Zealous.

Listening to Reagan Zealous, I felt a pervasive mood of nostalgia for a world that we’ve never known – a homesickness for a home that hasn’t been built yet. I think many in the world today – especially the youth – recognize that the American Dream is a lie, and that we must create our own future. So, I decided to communicate this feeling of hope with revolutionary iconography delivered in a style reminiscent of Norman Rockwell.

The art was completed in watercolor on paper and then manipulated digitally to produce the final product.

“Not only did Meatyard create an exciting work of art for my album cover, but they were flexible and accommodating as aspects of the project changed on my end. As someone without a lot of experience working with design, I appreciated their professionalism and willingness to explain things that I didn’t understand/wasn’t aware of.”

– Daniel Howe

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