Mixed media art piece loosely based on the concept of soup and crackers.

A lot of people asked about the motivation for this piece, and as with many of my pieces, I just got a silly idea and ran with it. I entered a food-themed show, and was assigned the combination of soup and crackers. Having had the lyrics of “Animal Crackers In My Soup” seared into my brain for life by late-night Shirley Temple “Little Darling Collection” infomercials, I was incapable of producing anything else. As I feverishly plotted the idea, the rest of the lyrics kept playing in my mind, “loop-the-loop,” and thus the Loops Bröther cat arrived in the scene, silently judging in the background.

Mixed Media (watercolor, ink, and gouache on paper, mounted on a 1.5″ cradled wood panel). 24″ x 36″, 2020.

Shown at Mize Gallery for Bon Appétit, May 2020, and House of Shadows for Cool World, Aug-Sept 2021.

Animal crackers in my soup
Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop

– Every Child Who Watched Cartoon Network, Constantly

It’s Andy Warhol meets Garbage Pail Kids!

Some behind-the-scenes photos to expose my process. Go ahead, steal my secrets!

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